Arquivo mensal: setembro 2016

A simple new life



One week in Birmingham. So many feelings inside me: happiness, loneliness, fear and good vibes about the future. It’s not easy to stay far from home, but the sensation of freedom is too big. It brings me peace all the time.

So, when you face a big challenge in front of you, just do it. Specially if this stuff causes you a huge fear. Fear is good and makes you walk.

I keep walking and discovering new friends, places and challenges. Brum, as they call the city here, is full of flowers, even in autumn. I walk in the street and see poetry around me, everywhere. It’s not easy, but it’s worthy. Believe me.

É amanhã


Ela está acostumada com mudanças. Já sentiu esse frio na barriga antes. Ela sabe que sempre vale a pena ir, com ou sem medo. E ela vai, na certeza de que não está sozinha.

Let’s live the sweetest dream of my life.